he appears in “Some type of Wonder” a movie for teenagers, in that same year he also stars in “Gardens of Stone”

Mary Stuart Masterson studied Anthropology at the University of New York and was trained in Performing Arts at Stage Door Manor, and since then she has not appeared in theater, film and television productions. She has been a writer and director.

On May 25, 1990, he married George Carl Francisco and divorced two years later. Then on May 20, 2000, he married the American director and screenwriter Damon Santo Stefano, they were together for four years. When Mary Stuart stars in “Hot Tin Roof” together with Jeremy Davidson they begin a loving relationship that leads to marriage in 2006 becoming the parents of four children.
In 1993 she won the National Review Board Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in “Immediate Family.” He has worked on one of the most popular television series called “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.
Mary Stuart Masterson is not only beautiful but has a great experience in the performance of incredible performances in series and films for television that has made her a great actress who has not lost its charm. With a private life full of turbulence that he has managed to handle and today he is very well.